Salt inhalation room

Salt room — thanks to the natural prop­er­ties of salt, we have created an excep­tional micro­cli­mate typical of the sea coast. The pres­ence of the salt aerosol produced by the salt gener­ator gives it medi­c­inal prop­er­ties. During a session in the SOLAN salt room, we obtain a concen­tra­tion of 3–5 mg of mineral parti­cles per 1 cubic metre, with an aerosol particle size of 1–5 microme­tres. As numerous studies have shown, this disper­sion of salt parti­cles has a posi­tive effect on the health and well-being of people in the inhala­tion room.

Covering the walls with salt helps to main­tain the correct temper­a­ture and humidity, as well as a low level of microbes in the room. If finishing mate­rials other than salt are chosen, it will be neces­sary to use a UV lamp to disin­fect the room and keep it prop­erly clean.

A session in the unique micro­cli­mate of the salt room has many health bene­fits. These include

- Breathing relief
- Increased ability to concen­trate
- A feeling of fresh­ness and content­ment
- posi­tive effect on the skin, delaying ageing and smoothing wrinkles

A stay in our inhala­tion salt room stim­u­lates the metab­o­lism and can help with weight loss.

We use various methods to finish the inhala­tion salt room:

- Natural rock salt with a grain size of 0.2 — 5 mm
- Sea salt from the Dead Sea or the Black Sea
- Himalayan salt in lumps or blocks
- textured plaster
- Stone, wood or other materials

To receive a detailed quote, including the stages of imple­men­ta­tion and the tech­nical condi­tions required, please email or call us.

Salt inhalation room


Salt inhala­tion room.

What is a salt inhala­tion room and how is it different from a salt cave?

A salt inhala­tion room is a room made of salt, just like a salt cave, except that the inhala­tion room is much smaller. It is usually 10–15 m² in size. The floor of the inhala­tion room can be paved with salt bricks or sprin­kled with coarse rock salt. Option­ally, brine grad­u­a­tion towers can also be installed. An inte­gral part of the salt inhala­tion room is a high quality salt mist gener­ator, which fills the room with mist to achieve the expected concentration.

How does a Salt Inhala­tion Room work?

The salt inhala­tion room is designed to recreate the micro­cli­mate typical of the sea coast during a storm. This is achieved by the pres­ence of salt aerosol produced by a medical gener­ator. The parti­cles of this aerosol have a size of 1 to 5 microme­tres and are concen­trated at a rate of 3–5 mg of parti­cles per cubic metre. Research shows that this type of disper­sion is the most optimal for achieving the best health effects. In addi­tion, salt, which is the basic building block, ionises the air with nega­tive ions and helps to main­tain the right humidity and low micro­bial levels inside. The combi­na­tion of all these factors makes a stay in a salt inhala­tion room not only a valu­able health treat­ment, but also a pleasant time spent.

Stay in the inhala­tion room.

A stay in a salt inhala­tion room is similar to a stay in a salt cave, but slightly shorter. Due to the higher concen­tra­tion of the salt mist, you only need to spend about 20–30 minutes to get the best effect. As in the salt cave, you lie on deckchairs during the session, and blan­kets are often offered to cover you for maximum comfort. While in the inhala­tion room, we inhale an appro­pri­ately concen­trated salt mist, which, thanks to its particle size, pene­trates deep into the respi­ra­tory tract, cleansing, disin­fecting, strength­ening and satu­rating it with valu­able minerals.

Health bene­fits, indi­ca­tions and contraindications

The indi­ca­tions for using a salt inhala­tion room are similar to those for a salt cave. These include: asthma, some aller­gies, hypothy­roidism, recur­rent upper and lower respi­ra­tory tract catarrh, skin prob­lems, psori­asis, weak­ened immu­nity and some diges­tive system diseases.

Please remember that treat­ments in the Salt Inhala­tion Room are not a form of treat­ment, but only support and preven­tion. It is not a substi­tute for proper therapy prescribed by a doctor. We do not use it as a form of treat­ment for already devel­oped infec­tions, as it can lead to the aggra­va­tion of some symp­toms and irri­ta­tions. There are also some contraindi­ca­tions, including: hyper­thy­roidism, high fever, viral and bacte­rial infec­tions, allergy to iodine, tuber­cu­losis, cancer, pulmonary emphy­sema, claus­tro­phobia. If you have any doubts about your health, you can discuss a visit to the salt inhala­tion room with your doctor.

Salt cave. A little history.

Many people are prob­ably wondering where the idea of building salt caves came from, what bene­fits we get from staying in them, and does it really work? Well, in the 19th century, Feliks Boczkowski, a doctor of medi­cine and surgery, who was working as a sani­tary doctor in the Wieliczka Salt Mine, discov­ered that the miners working in the mine enjoyed unprece­dented health and respi­ra­tory effi­ciency. After many years of research, he concluded that it was the special micro­cli­mate in the tunnels, satu­rated with minerals released from the salt deposits, and the high quality salt itself that had such a bene­fi­cial effect on health. Dr Boczkowski initi­ated the use of brine baths and published the results of his research in a scien­tific paper on brine treat­ment. At present, salt therapy, or halotherapy, is an increas­ingly popular method of improving health in many ways and supporting the treat­ment of many different diseases.

What does a salt cave look like?

A prop­erly constructed salt cave should resemble the micro­cli­mate of salt mines as closely as possible. This depends on a number of factors, such as the salt used to build the cave, but also the right temper­a­ture and humidity. Air humid­i­fi­ca­tion, enrich­ment with valu­able minerals and deco­ra­tive value are provided by brine grad­u­a­tion towers located inside the cave. They can be of various shapes, made of branches or stone. It is a great advan­tage if the salt cave has addi­tional equip­ment in the form of a salt mist gener­ator and an air ioniser. Then we can be sure of the highest quality and notice­able health effects.

How do you build a salt cave?

For someone with some knowl­edge of construc­tion and design, building a salt cave your­self may seem like a fairly simple task. Salt building mate­rials, such as salt bricks of various shapes and colours or salt blocks, are readily avail­able. However, please remember that salt is a special mate­rial and requires a slightly different approach. Further­more, a salt cave is not just about walls lined with salt bricks. It also includes lighting, venti­la­tion and heating systems. Brine grad­u­a­tion towers and addi­tional equip­ment such as salt mist gener­a­tors. It is there­fore worth entrusting the design and construc­tion of a salt cave to an expe­ri­enced contractor who will advise, design and build the cave with the highest preci­sion and guar­antee, and who will also provide future main­te­nance if required.

Types of salt caves.

There are two main types of salt caves: tradi­tional and modern, and their various combi­na­tions. With the current really high avail­ability and variety of salt building mate­rials, it is safe to say that there are as many types as there are design ideas. What is more, salt goes well with wood and stone elements, which makes the possi­bil­i­ties even greater. Nothing limits us but our imag­i­na­tion and possible tech­nical conditions.

Salt Aerosol Generator.

Salt gener­ator — what is it?

A salt aerosol gener­ator, salt gener­ator or halo­gen­er­ator is a device that produces salt aerosol and is an impor­tant element of the equip­ment of salt caves and inhala­tion rooms. The salt gener­ator offered by our company is a top-quality device and the only one that has received a medical certifi­cate. This certifi­cate guar­an­tees the highest effi­ciency, safe use and safety for the service provider in public facilities.

How does a salt gener­ator in a salt room or salt cave work?

The salt gener­ator in a salt cave is an auto­matic device that produces salt aerosol, also known as salt mist. A salt solu­tion of appro­priate concen­tra­tion is trans­formed into an aerosol with parti­cles between 1 and 5 microns. This is extremely impor­tant because only parti­cles of this size are able to pene­trate deep into our respi­ra­tory system, up to the bronchi and bron­chi­oles. Parti­cles between 5 and 8 microns reach the trachea and large bronchi, while those above 8 microns only reach the pharynx, larynx and nasopharynx. More­over, in the currently constructed salt caves and inhala­tion rooms, which are not equipped with halo­gen­er­a­tors, the salt concen­tra­tion is 0.45 mg NaCl/m3 of air, which is not very good compared to the concen­tra­tion near the brine tower, which is over 8 mg NaCl/m3. In the Wieliczka Salt Mine, the concen­tra­tion is about 22 mg NaCl/m3. As you can easily see, the use of a salt gener­ator seems to be neces­sary in order to achieve the optimal salt concen­tra­tion in the room and thus ensure the best ther­a­peutic effects of a treat­ment such as a visit to a salt cave or an inhala­tion room.

Instal­la­tion and oper­a­tion of a salt gener­ator in a cave or salt room.

The salt aerosol gener­ator is used in salt caves and inhala­tion rooms. It is usually installed in a room next to the room we want to fill with the aerosol. Wires are run through a hole in the wall and the salt mist is deliv­ered to the target. The oper­a­tion of the salt gener­ator is very simple, basi­cally turning it on and off and replen­ishing the solu­tion needed to produce the aerosol. Cleaning and main­te­nance are also straight­for­ward and should not be a problem for anyone.

Why is it worth using a medical salt aerosol generator?

Increasing compe­ti­tion and higher customer expec­ta­tions make it worth­while to constantly improve the quality of your services. Using the highest quality medical salt aerosol gener­ator in a salt cave or salt inhala­tion room will certainly be an excel­lent answer to the growing needs of the market. The devices we offer are not only simple and inex­pen­sive to use, they are also virtu­ally failure-free. It is there­fore worth investing in the highest quality to avoid future repair problems.

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