Salt sauna

The Solana Salt Sauna is an inter­esting new element of the SPA and Well­ness Zone. The nega­tive ioni­sa­tion of the air created by salt in a salt sauna will relax you and give you a feeling of fresh­ness. Gentle lighting, warm colours and appro­priate music will allow you to relax perfectly in the “company” of over 250 million years old salt. We can empha­sise the modern char­acter of the inte­rior of your zone, for example, by using white crystal salt stones with a selected type of matching lighting.

We offer compre­hen­sive construc­tion of any salt sauna — see our projects. We are open to your needs — each sauna is designed according to indi­vidual pref­er­ences and can be equipped with selected acces­sories. It is also possible to combine a salt sauna with other types of saunas. We also offer Finnish and steam saunas.

Please also take a look at our offer to install a salt grad­u­a­tion tower in your area. This inter­esting idea of devel­oping the area outside a hotel, guest­house or house fits perfectly with the concept of extending the well­ness and spa zone beyond the facility and diver­si­fying the offer without the need to expand or change the design. Find out more here.

Our company, Solana, can boast a large number of success­fully completed projects and almost twenty years of expe­ri­ence in working with salt and its use for health and relax­ation. For this we thank you.

Salt saunas, in addi­tion to the salt cave, inhala­tion room and brine grad­u­a­tion tower, are elements that strengthen our skills and allow us to better serve and develop your busi­ness in harmony with nature and the expec­ta­tions of increas­ingly demanding and aware guests.

We thank you for your trust and invite you to famil­iarise your­self with our offer for building a salt sauna and to contact us.

Please contact us to choose and arrange your sauna.

Finnish salt sauna
What does a Finnish sauna look like?

The Finnish sauna, as the name suggests, has its roots in Finland, where it is part of the local tradi­tion and is still found in many homes. It is a room built of wood or lined with wood. It is usually made of cedar or Cana­dian fir. Inside there are benches, usually stag­gered, also made of wood. The air in a Finnish sauna is dry, with about 15% humidity, which is why it is often called a dry sauna. The temper­a­ture inside is between 80 and 120 degrees. The sauna

How do we use this type of sauna?

You should stay in the Finnish sauna for about 8 to 12 minutes. An impor­tant aspect is what you wear. Avoid wearing swim­suits and wrap­ping your­self too tightly in a towel. It is best to stay naked in the sauna so that the body heats up in the most appro­priate way. We sit or lie down on benches and avoid walking. After the appro­priate time, we go outside and cool the body in the shower, in the cool air, in the snow or in a tank of water, depending on the condi­tions. We dry ourselves and repeat the cycle up to 2 or 3 times. Salt sauna

What are the health bene­fits of a Finnish sauna?

Using this sauna has a number of health bene­fits. The increase in body temper­a­ture caused by the sauna accel­er­ates blood circu­la­tion, improves blood supply to the internal organs, accel­er­ates metab­o­lism and helps to elim­i­nate toxins. Alter­nating heating and cooling of the body hardens it and acti­vates the body’s defence mech­a­nisms, which results in increased immunity.


Treat­ments in the Finnish sauna bring relief to people suffering from rheumatic pains, muscular pains, asthma, periph­eral circu­la­tory disor­ders, anaemia, low blood pres­sure and skin prob­lems, espe­cially those prone to eczema. In addi­tion, using this sauna improves diges­tion and speeds up metab­o­lism, which will certainly be appre­ci­ated by people who want to lose weight or simply want to keep it off. A visit to a Finnish sauna is also an effec­tive way to relax and unwind, as the heat improves your mood, relieves mental tension and elim­i­nates fatigue. This is why it is recom­mended for people suffering from depres­sion and long-term stress and neurosis. Salt sauna


Despite the many advan­tages and bene­fits of Finnish sauna treat­ments, unfor­tu­nately not everyone can afford to go. Contraindi­ca­tions include: high blood pres­sure, heart disease, circu­la­tory prob­lems, heart failure, coro­nary heart disease, tumours, ulcers, acute asthma, epilepsy, glau­coma, claus­tro­phobia, vene­real diseases. It is also not recom­mended for the elderly, small chil­dren, preg­nant women and women who are menstru­ating. Other contraindi­ca­tions include all kinds of infec­tions, chronic diseases, acute inflam­ma­tions and high fever. Salt sauna

Salt Sauna
General infor­ma­tion.

A salt sauna is a rela­tively new idea for using salt and its healing prop­er­ties. It is also an inter­esting oppor­tu­nity to develop and expand the offer of SPA and well­ness zones. By using salt elements in the sauna, we will not only create a unique inte­rior that promotes relax­ation, but also enhance the health bene­fits of the sauna. The salt in the salt sauna causes the air inside to be nega­tively ionised and enriched with minerals. Finnish salt sauna

What does a salt sauna do to the body?

A salt sauna works in a similar way to a salt cave. Nega­tively ionised air, full of natural minerals, strengthens and cleanses the respi­ra­tory tract, soothes irri­ta­tions, strengthens the mucous membranes in the respi­ra­tory tract, which greatly contributes to the overall improve­ment of the body’s immunity.

Minerals found in a salt sauna include

- Calcium — strengthens mucous membranes, increases immu­nity, soothes irri­ta­tions, regu­lates the func­tions of the circu­la­tory system,

- Iodine — supports the proper func­tioning of the thyroid gland,
- Magne­sium — acts on the circu­la­tory and nervous systems, supports regen­er­a­tion after exer­cise,
- Potas­sium, Sodium — has a posi­tive effect on the heart, improves blood supply to the skin and organs,
- Iron — improves blood struc­ture, is a compo­nent of haemo­globin,
- Sele­nium — has a posi­tive effect on the condi­tion of the skin.

More­over, a stay in a salt sauna is an excel­lent form of relax­ation. Soft lighting in the room and often atmos­pheric music create a unique atmos­phere in which we can spend a pleasant time, calm our nerves and reduce muscle tension. Finnish dry salt sauna

Salt sauna

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