Salt wall

Salt walls construc­tion — made of salt bricks have become a popular and luxu­rious element of modern SPA / well­ness facil­i­ties in hotels, as well as in private homes and resi­dences. Salt walls are part of a salt cave, a salt inhala­tion room or a Finnish salt sauna. Read the infor­ma­tion and consider where you will build your first salt wall.

Construction and materials — salt wall

The color, texture and natural “pollu­tion” of salt bricks are empha­sized by the use of modern and energy-saving lighting systems. Thanks to this, we get amazing visual effects that show the internal irreg­ular struc­ture of the salt. Salt wall construc­tion made of salt bricks

The colors and surface of the salt wall can be freely shaped. The assembly and arti­sanal mode of creating such a wall may not speed up this process, but it allows you to get the expected effect. And the nega­tive ioniza­tion of the space around the salt wall seems to be just an addi­tion. Shear salt construc­tion cost price

A modern salt wall made of salt bricks and more. Variations.
A possible supplement to the zone where we place the salt wall are often brine graduation towers. They can take the form of waterfalls, pillars, cascades or streams. We invite you to view our salt graduation tower gallery and choose the one that suits your space and arrangement. made of salt bricks Salt wall construction price installation salt wall in the living room salt wall in the bedroom

Health and salt. The salt wall (made of salt bricks) in addi­tion to its amazing appear­ance, will become your natural producer of nega­tive ions. Strongly nega­tively ionized air will have a posi­tive effect on our well-being, concen­tra­tion and may facil­i­tate falling asleep. Addi­tional use of, for example, an ionized oxygen gener­ator in such a space will allow us to create our own health zone. Salt wall in the bedroom sauna living room of the house Feel free to contact us.

Our salt brick wall can be salmon-orange or white, but of course various combi­na­tions of these two colors are possible. It depends only on you and the style you prefer. It happens that the inte­rior design prompts us to choose just white shades of salt. Then the inte­riors in which metal, concrete and glass stand out will be more consis­tent. We can also use cool shades of white in the high­lights and get a stun­ning cool effect. Contact us and we will try to advise you using our expe­ri­ence. Salt wall construc­tion with Himalayan salt sauna bricks

We invite you to the photo gallery to see our arrange­ment possi­bil­i­ties, colors and completed salt walls. Please call us to discuss your needs and the indi­vidual char­ac­ter­is­tics of the rooms. call tel. 512 360 370 lub tel. 512 360 350.

Salt wall construc­tion cost salt brick price

Salt brick wall salt room construction

What is a salt wall, a salt brick wall?

Salt wall (construc­tion price cost) is a wall built of blocks, bricks, tiles or lumps of salt. Himalayan salt, also known as pink or orange salt, is a rock salt mined in the salt mines in the foothills of the Himalayas. The most beau­tiful and suit­able salt bricks are just made of Himalayan salt. To enjoy your own Himalayan salt wall and take advan­tage of its bene­fits, make sure you have the right place for the salt wall. Any space / room in your home, hotel or office will be the right place for such an assembly. Of course, try to choose a place that will allow you to prop­erly expose the wall to be built. You will certainly get the impres­sion of luxury that will increase the pres­tige of this space. Basi­cally, you only need elec­tricity at the instal­la­tion site. Of course, the place where the salt wall will be installed should be a dry place. Salt wall construction.

Where can you put a salt wall made of Himalayan brick or other salt?

A salt wall made of Himalayan salt bricks or other types of salt (e.g. Dead Sea salt bricks) can be placed wher­ever we want the place to become luxu­rious and impress visi­tors. An addi­tional benefit is the creation of a healthy “climate” in this zone, which we get as if by the way, by increasing the amount of nega­tive ions in the air. Salt is simply a natural producer of nega­tive ions. Salt wall construc­tion made of salt bricks
Salt walls are often installed in saunas, SPA and well­ness zones, in private homes and hotels. If you want everyone to talk about your SPA/salon/wellness area, installing a salt wall will be the perfect choice. salt water Salt wall construc­tion. Salt wall in the bedroom in the living room in the sauna

Can I put a Himalayan brick salt wall in the living room at home?

Yes, a construc­tion salt wall is often chosen as a deco­ra­tive element in private homes, but also in luxury hotel rooms and boarding houses. An excel­lent choice is to place a salt wall in a private SPA and well­ness area. Luxury there can be obtained in many ways, but more and more often it is the salt wall that becomes its determinant.

What color can a salt wall have?

The salt wall can be built of white or orange Himalayan bricks, tiles, salt blocks. We can also choose the color of the back­light used during assembly.

LED lighting can basi­cally be any color, however, we try to make the salt wall more luxu­rious and elegant than fair-and-bazaar. We usually choose warm or cold white colors. Some­times we add some­thing blue. It is also possible to use RGB back­light with a full color palette.

How much does a salt wall cost?

Unfor­tu­nately, the price of buying/building a salt wall depends on many factors. The salt wall can be built with white or orange salt bricks made of Himalayan salt. Salt blocks or bricks can vary greatly in size and thick­ness. We can freely choose from many mate­rials — from 2.5 cm thick bricks to 6–8 cm thick salt blocks. The size also varies from 10cmx20cm to huge and heavy salt slabs of 50cmx50cm. The price of such blocks per square meter is several times higher than the smallest size bricks. It must be said, however, that each of these mate­rials, regard­less of thick­ness and size, looks sensa­tional and will certainly impress anyone who looks at such a wall. Salt brick wall

Instal­la­tion can be done in the tech­nology of brick gluing or in the “glue­less” tech­nology. The tech­nique of laying without glue is more suit­able for rooms with high humidity. The price for a square meter of a salt wall starts at around PLN 1,800 per square meter. And it all depends on the size of the project and the mate­rials used. Feel free to contact us and we will certainly be able to find a suit­able and satis­fac­tory solu­tion. Salt wall in the bedroom in the living room or home

Is it possible to make a salt wall or a salt panel in a sauna?

Salt wall in the sauna? Of course. This modi­fi­ca­tion of your Finnish sauna will change it beyond recog­ni­tion. It will also cause that, apart from the raised temper­a­ture, you will also be able to stay in a highly nega­tively ionized space. This will allow you to relax and rest more quickly and fully. salt wall in the bedroom in the living room in the house in the sauna Salt wall construction

Of course, the appear­ance of such a sauna cannot be over­looked. It will become a unique and very luxu­rious element of every Well­ness and SPA. Call and find out what can be done in your sauna. Maybe it’s possible to modernize and renew a senior product a bit, or maybe you are plan­ning to expand / add some­thing new? Then it is defi­nitely worth consid­ering the salt sauna.

A salt wall in the bedroom?

A salt wall in the bedroom is a very good idea. Nega­tively ionized air will help you relax all the time. The warm colors of Himalayan bricks will help us fall asleep and make you want to stay there.

Salt wall in the bedroom and wall in salt sauna it’s the same idea, but differ­ently used and imple­mented. Feel free to contact us so that you can enjoy your own wonderful salt wall. 
Zadzwoń tel. 512 360 370 lub tel. 512 360 350.

Salt wall construc­tion cost salt brick price

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