Inhalation devices

At present, increasing compe­ti­tion on the service market, new expec­ta­tions of our clients and the epidemi­o­log­ical situ­a­tion are forcing beauty salons, well­ness centres, hotels, existing salt caves and all places special­ising in relax­ation and improving phys­ical condi­tion to expand their services or improve their quality. We are not forget­ting the conscious customer who is looking for safe alter­na­tives and ways to improve their phys­ical condi­tion in the comfort of their own home.

Sali­naVita K1 Ionised Oxygen Generator

The Salina Vita K1 is a medical ionised oxygen gener­ator. The oxygen/ionisation module is designed to deliver enriched and ionised oxygen through the wall surrounding a given room (just like the Salina Vita K4 or K5 salt aerosol generator).

Provides ionised oxygen and improves O2 balance. This device is used for therapy and preven­tion of reduced blood O2 satu­ra­tion, or as a comple­men­tary treat­ment to COVID-19, espe­cially to protect against lung damage (read the latest article in the Nature Public Health Emer­gency Collec­tion here).

It can also be used as a preven­tive measure to improve the oxygen balance in the body and thus strengthen the immune system.

Sali­naVita K4 or K5 Salt Generator

A salt gener­ator is an auto­matic device that produces salt aerosol. It is the only gener­ator with a medical certifi­cate. The gener­ator is most often used to increase the concen­tra­tion of salt aerosol in salt caves, inhala­tion rooms and various types of rooms where we want to create a micro­cli­mate similar to that in mines and tunnels, e.g. Wieliczka.

The salt gener­ator is usually placed outside on the boundary wall of a salt cave, for example, and the salt aerosol is blown into the cave through a hole in the wall or through a suit­able pipe. Read the safety data sheet of this device and you will defi­nitely want to equip your cave or reha­bil­i­ta­tion and relax­ation centre with our salt gener­ator. The size of the aerosol parti­cles obtained is between 1 and 5 microns. We recom­mend a profes­sional product from a renowned German company special­ising in the produc­tion of this type of equip­ment. The price also includes training in the use of the gener­ator. Find out more here.

The health bene­fits of salt rooms and the use of inhala­tion devices are as follows

- Strongly nega­tively ionised air — nega­tive ioni­sa­tion obtained thanks to salt — has a posi­tive effect on our well-being, concen­tra­tion and makes it easier to fall asleep.

- Salt aerosol floating in the air produced by brine grad­u­a­tion towers and/or devices — Sali­naVita K4 medical salt gener­a­tors — cleanses and has a posi­tive effect on our respi­ra­tory tract.

- Ionised oxygen produced by the Sali­naVita K1 device influ­ences many meta­bolic processes in our body. Read more about preven­tive measures against Covid-19.

The use of a salt gener­ator increases the amount of salt aerosol in the form of salt mist, which also has a bene­fi­cial effect on the lower respi­ra­tory tract and skin (the size of the aerosol parti­cles is 1–5 microns).

A neces­sary comple­ment to the equip­ment of salt caves are brine grad­u­a­tion towers. They can be in the form of water­falls, columns, cascades or streams. We invite you to view our gallery of salt grad­u­a­tion towers and choose an arrange­ment that suits your space.

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