Traditional Salt Caves

The tradi­tional salt cave is a concept remi­nis­cent of ancient under­ground tunnels and salt caves. Currently we are trying to follow these patterns and build modern salt caves with walls made of blocks of Himalayan orange salt. Himalayan salt as a building mate­rial is an excel­lent mate­rial to create surprising spaces for your guests, thanks to its trans­parency and unique structure.

Illu­mi­nated salt columns made of natural Himalayan brick and a ceiling that imitates the vaults of caves complete the impres­sion of subter­ranean prim­i­tivism in this area. The floor is covered with white or pink salt gran­ules, which provide an inter­esting contrast to the walls. The stalac­tites hanging from the ceiling, as well as the entire ceiling, which is made of non-flam­mable mate­rial (a mixture of glue and plaster), can also be covered with salt.

Most often we use fibre optics on the ceiling to create a ‘starry sky’. On special request, they can be arranged to resemble the Milky Way or the planet Saturn with its rings.

A neces­sary comple­ment to the salt cave equip­ment are the brine grad­u­a­tion towers. They can take many forms. Most often, the frame is made of pine or spruce wood, and the brine flows down birch branches (but there are many options). Another filling can be stone — natural slate or more modern arti­fi­cial or natural quartzite.

Possible forms of grad­u­a­tion towers are

foun­tains etc.

The health bene­fits of the salt cave are

Highly nega­tively ionised air — nega­tive ioni­sa­tion has a posi­tive effect on our well­being, concen­tra­tion and helps us to fall asleep.
Salt aerosol floating in the air (produced by brine grad­u­a­tion towers and/or medical devices — salt generators).

Using a salt gener­ator increases the amount of salt aerosol in the form of salt mist, which also has a bene­fi­cial effect on the lower respi­ra­tory tract and skin (the size of the aerosol particle is 1–5 microns).

To receive a detailed quote, including the stages of imple­men­ta­tion and the tech­nical condi­tions required, please email or call us.

Salt Cave

What does a salt inhala­tion room look like?

The salt inhala­tion room is a smaller version of the salt cave. The walls are lined with bricks or salt blocks, the floor is also made of salt bricks or salt can be poured on it. Option­ally, the inhala­tion room can be equipped with a brine grad­u­a­tion tower and a chil­dren’s play corner. It all depends on the design­er’s ideas and the possi­bil­i­ties of the place. An inte­gral part of the inhala­tion room is a salt mist gener­ator, which produces a salt aerosol that is released into the inhala­tion room. Thanks to the use of the highest quality equip­ment, it is possible to achieve the most optimal concen­tra­tion of salt aerosol in the room. This concen­tra­tion is 3–5 mg of parti­cles per 1 cubic metre, which, as confirmed by numerous studies, produces the best ther­a­peutic effects with a particle size of 1 to 5 microns.


What are the advan­tages of using an inhala­tion room?

Thanks to its construc­tion, the quality of the mate­rials used, the correct air temper­a­ture and humidity, and the use of salt aerosol gener­a­tors, the salt inhala­tion room creates an extremely valu­able micro­cli­mate, similar to that found by the sea. There­fore, staying there gives us bene­fits similar to those of the sea. It cleanses, disin­fects and clears the respi­ra­tory tract. It satu­rates the body with minerals and strengthens the immune system. A stay in an inhala­tion room is also a good way to relax and unwind, and can be an inter­esting idea for spending time with chil­dren, for example. In their case, it is partic­u­larly impor­tant to take care of their immu­nity, espe­cially if they live in urban areas where they are often in contact with highly polluted air.

Salt cave — Indi­ca­tions and contraindications.

What is a salt cave?

The tradi­tional salt cave is a room made of salt in the form of blocks or bricks. Often these shapes or bricks are illu­mi­nated in different colours to create unique and extremely attrac­tive visual effects. A tradi­tional salt cave is designed and built to create a micro­cli­mate as close as possible to that found in salt mines. This is due to a number of factors, such as the basic building mate­rial, salt, as well as addi­tional equip­ment in the form of a brine grad­u­a­tion tower and the highest quality brine aerosol gener­a­tors. Proper venti­la­tion and the main­te­nance of a specific temper­a­ture and humidity inside the salt cave are also important.


How does a salt cave work?

The micro­cli­mate in a salt cave is similar to that in a salt mine. This means that the air that fills the cave is satu­rated with salt and minerals that are natu­rally present. Being in such an envi­ron­ment gives us invalu­able bene­fits without any nega­tive effects on the body. There are also a number of health bene­fits to using a salt cave, as salt has been shown to have a healing effect and to help with many different illnesses and ailments.

Where is a salt inhala­tion room built?

Salt inhala­tion rooms are most often built as part of well­ness and SPA facil­i­ties, treat­ment centres and all other types of recre­ational and reha­bil­i­ta­tion facil­i­ties. The needs and require­ments of clients are constantly growing, so it is worth meeting them by offering more and more inter­esting services at the highest level. If we have the appro­priate tech­nical condi­tions, we can even build such a room in our own home. We will then have our own private zone to relax and improve our health.


How to build an inhala­tion room?

Building a salt inhala­tion room may seem like a fairly simple project, espe­cially given the current avail­ability of various salt building mate­rials. However, it is worth entrusting this task to an expe­ri­enced company that will carry out all the work with the utmost care, from assessing the tech­nical condi­tions, adapting a person­alised project to them, manu­fac­turing and equip­ping it with the neces­sary equip­ment, as well as providing a guar­antee and subse­quent service. This is partic­u­larly impor­tant if we are building an inhala­tion room for commer­cial purposes, for public use. Then it is worth investing in the highest quality for the safety of your customers and yourself.

Indi­ca­tions for the use of the tradi­tional salt cave

-Hypothy­roidism — the mineral-rich envi­ron­ment of the salt cave contains, among other things, natural iodine, the supple­men­ta­tion of which is impor­tant in the case of hypothyroidism.

-Chronic, recur­rent respi­ra­tory infec­tions — the salty air we breathe during our stay in the Salt Cave disin­fects and cleanses the respi­ra­tory tract, which helps in the fight against trou­ble­some symptoms.

-Asthma — the use of a salt cave is a good comple­ment to the phar­ma­co­log­ical treat­ment of this disease.


-Tired­ness, stress, neurosis and high blood pres­sure — a stay in a salt cave is also a means of relax­ation and calming.

-Psori­asis — salt has a disin­fec­tant effect, helps reduce inflam­ma­tion and improves the condi­tion of the skin.


Contraindi­ca­tions to the use of salt caves:

Despite the many advan­tages and bene­fits of using a salt cave, there are also contraindi­ca­tions that should be taken into account. These include:


- Iodine allergy,

-acute inflam­ma­tions

-High fever,

-Viral infec­tions,




-open wounds, burns, frostbite.

It is worth consid­ering all the indi­ca­tions and contra-indi­ca­tions for using the salt cave in order to take full advan­tage of its bene­fi­cial effects, but also to avoid harming your­self. If you have any doubts as to whether your current state of health allows you to visit a salt cave, please consult a doctor before you go. It is also impor­tant to remember that salt cave treat­ments are not a cure, but an adjunct to treat­ment and preven­tion, and are not a substi­tute for proper treat­ment prescribed by a doctor.

Tradi­tional salt cave and its construction:

Please contact us to discuss the construc­tion process. The construc­tion of a salt cave can be an element that changes the image of your SPA. In the salt cave we can relax, inhale or recover after short or long stays in other parts of the SPA. The construc­tion of a salt cave, both tradi­tional and modern, is an inter­esting process in which we can help.

In addi­tion, the use of a salt gener­ator will enhance the health and reha­bil­i­ta­tion aspect of your facility. Please contact us for more information.

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