White Salt Caves

The white (sea) salt cave is basi­cally a room made of white salt mate­rials. We can choose between white salt bricks made of Dead Sea sea salt pressed under high pres­sure or, for example, bricks made of crys­talline salt from Pakistan (so-called Himalayan salt, but without the orange colour). Other versions of the white salt cave are rooms with walls and ceiling covered in white salt spray. Again, we have several options — Dead Sea salt, Black Sea salt, Euro­pean rock salt (from Poland or Germany) or Himalayan salt.

Often the investors and archi­tects we work with create concepts that combine many different mate­rials and tech­niques in one project. Please visit our photo gallery, which may help you to choose the most appro­priate mate­rial and type/technique of construc­tion. We also offer advice and experience.

White salt caves and white salt mate­rials are often chosen when creating SPA elements that func­tion in very modern inte­riors. The white colour of the salt in various lighting and compo­si­tion versions harmonises perfectly with modern design. Of course, as with all other salt caves, the design is perfectly comple­mented by brine grad­u­a­tion towers and other inte­rior design elements — columns, posts, arcades and various types of niches, recesses and arches in walls and ceilings.

In the Dead Sea White Salt Caves, the highly nega­tively ionised air, together with the salt aerosol that fills the inte­rior, is addi­tion­ally enriched with sea salt minerals. And the bene­fits of carnal­lite salt, mud and concen­trated Dead Sea brine have been known for centuries.


See also our medically certi­fied Salt Aerosol Generator.

To receive a detailed quote, including the stages of imple­men­ta­tion and the tech­nical condi­tions required, please email or call us.

Salt cave

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