Salt Interior Décor

Salt Inte­rior Décor is an inter­esting element of deco­ra­tion of various inte­riors in any SPA. We install Salt Inte­rior Décors, e.g. in relax­ation rooms, and build salt massage cabi­nets, where the walls of a small room are tiled with lit up salt bricks. In a room so filled with nega­tive ions, a relax­ation massage is even more relaxing and healthy.

Thanks to the use of natural and ecolog­ical mate­rials such as salt, stone or wood, our salt arrange­ments will become your show­case and an element in creating a unique atmos­phere that will satisfy your customers and guests. We can perfectly match the expected char­acter of your premises by using modern white salt bricks made of crystal salt or rustic, heavy and huge blocks of Himalayan salt.

An inter­esting proposal and idea are salt massage rooms. This solu­tion works even in a small room. The walls are made of illu­mi­nated salt bricks, which causes the air to be nega­tively ionised, making the relaxing massage even more pleasant, healthy and attractive.

To receive a detailed quote, including the stages of imple­men­ta­tion and the tech­nical condi­tions required, please email or call us.

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